Proven Y Scouts Leadership Model for Hiring on Purpose

Developed with a neuroscientist, the inception of the Y Scouts Leadership Model is still the proven model used today.

Leadership Model

Living our core values

Gratitude. We choose to find the value in everything

Celebrate Sm(all) Wins. We rise by lifting others

Practice What You Preach. Your gratitude is recognizable by your actions, not your words

Embrace the Challenge. Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors

Learn Relentlessly. Be brave enough to suck

Growth Mindset. Proactively pursues opportunities for personal and professional growth

Habit Stack. Active, habit-based practice beats passive learning

1 + 1 = 3. Diversity of thought ensures the most robust solutions

Drive Results. Measure the gain and the gap

Accountability. Commitment to your colleagues, candidates and clients; do what you say you’ll do

Consistency. Consistent action leads to consistent results

Measurement. What gets measured gets done

Develop Others. Be clear, collaborate and commit

Be Clear. Clear is kind; it takes courage and is not always easy

Collaborate. Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Commit. Being your best self brings out the best in others

It all started in 2012

Max Hansen and Brian Mohr had an idea. They knew the system for finding top executive talent was flawed – both on the candidate side, and on the client side. It was time to disrupt the process and focus on matching company culture with purpose.

Our purpose.

Transforming how people and companies connect to work that matters.

Client obsessed. Candidate focused.

We are relentless in our pursuit of delivering a world-class client and candidate experience. We continually measure how our clients and candidates feel about working with us and constantly innovate to improve upon those results.


We are rooted deeply within the business communities and groups that are aligned with our purpose and goals – helping us grow and build the reputation we want to create. This includes Conscious Capitalism (National and Local), Valley’s Healthiest Employers, B Corp, A to Z Wellness, and many more.


We have worked to build an amazing team over the years – filled with passionate and purpose aligned individuals who are committed to what we are building, while serving our clients and candidates. We are very selective and will continue to hire only the best for our team.

Our Vision.

A world where everyone finds fulfillment from the work they do and where businesses have the greatest positive impact.