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The Y Scouts Experience

Adam Goodman

My Y Scouts experiences have been terrific

From the very beginning Y Scouts was speaking my language about purpose, culture and alignment. I knew they were invested in finding someone who was the perfect fit for our company – and they did! No other search firm talks about “purpose”. They pay some lip service to “culture”, for sure, but the concept of alignment around purpose is not widely understood in the search business. The Y Scouts process ensures that everyone they put in front of me will fit our culture. Because their interviews are blind, the candidate is free to express their true nature, motivations and purpose. That prequalified alignment removes a huge burden off of me during interviews. While I still do some work to confirm the cultural fit, I can spend the bulk of my time evaluating their skills and talent.

Adam GoodmanPresident & CEO of Goodmans Interior Structures
Jeff Manson

I would recommend Y Scouts and I already have

I was impressed with how thorough the Y Scouts process was from the very beginning and the confidence they have in it. Never did they waiver in their belief that they could find excellent candidates for us as their process had proven successful many times. After presenting their process in detail I was convinced we would have a great outcome to this search because they spend time doing things that ensure the candidates they present are truly a good fit for the job. Our recent hire has made an impact from the moment she walked in. She has immediately brought the leadership and accountability we were looking for and has her team more engaged than they had been in a long time. I have great confidence in her ability to deliver on the goals I have set out for her department.

Jeff MansonCEO of Western Psychological Services
Jessica Taylor

Working with Y Scouts is a Breath of Fresh Air

The entire process – starting at first contact – was personal, comfortable and engaging. Y Scouts never made me feel like I was part of a transaction; I felt like I was working with a friend and an ally throughout the entire process, who kept my best interests in mind at all times. I felt like my recruiter truly took the time to get to know me, my motivations and what type of opportunity would help me grow and succeed. Y Scouts helped me move into an incredible new role, and I am thankful everyday that Y Scouts helped connect me to an organization and position that align perfectly with my skills and personal passions. I would absolutely recommend working with Y Scouts to any organization with a true commitment to finding the right leaders.

Jessica TaylorDirector of Strategic Communications at Great Hearts Academies
Ward Huseth

Worth a Multiple On The Investment.

The services Y Scouts performs are so inherently humane in nature, and that’s how they approached it from the beginning. Rather than viewing the roles we asked them to help us fill as holes in our organization chart, they realized we were really looking to add leaders with very specific talents and a passion to join our specific culture and ecosystem. Their approach to finding candidates that share our core virtues first is very similar to our proven and trusted process for finding committed faculty in our academies. Our leader they placed has already been delivering impact in ways we hadn’t expected. He’s been the absolute example of how adding the right person can be worth a multiple on the investment.

Ward HusethChief Financial Officer at Great Hearts Academies
Scott Donohue

Y Scouts is a Go-To Partner

Y Scouts partnered with Year Up to understand our organization and our goals for new leadership. The Y Scouts approach was exceptionally effective, delivering a slate of candidates who embodied the essential values and experience we wanted. Our outcome was a dynamic and experienced leader who truly embodies our mission. As we continue to expand across the country, we consider Y Scouts a go-to partner in future searches.

Scott DonohueNational Site Director at Year Up, Inc.
Linda Volhein

Found New CEO With Great Results

I have had a great experience working with Paul and Y Scouts. Paul has led our agency through the recruitment process for a new CEO with great results. He is knowledgeable, helpful, always available to support us through all of the decision points we encountered. I recommend Paul as someone who will get results, but also someone you will enjoy working with.

Linda VolheinInterim CEO at Youth Evaluation and Treatment Centers | Valley Clinical Services

Exceptional Leadership Model

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Phase I

Research & Planning

Harvard Business Review reports that 80% of employee turnover is a result of bad hiring decisions. One major factor that contributes to bad hiring decisions is not knowing exactly who you are looking to find. This is where we come in.

Discover the power of our Exceptional Leadership process (seen on the right) and the impact it has on achieving the best possible outcome. Our proven 6-step research & planning process is used to define the critical elements required of every successful search project. The best possible outcome can only be achieved when you know precisely who you are looking for.

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Phase II

Targeting & Alignment

Exceptional Leadership is rare.

It is a unique combination of purpose & values alignment, modern functional expertise, and a proven track record of the 3 most in-demand leadership behaviors:

1.) Driving Results
2.) Developing Others
3.) Learning Relentlessly

Discover the power of our Exceptional Leadership model (seen on the right) and the positive impact it will deliver to you and your entire stakeholder community.

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Phase III

Finalist Selection & Onboarding

The Exceptional Leader Finalist Presentation we submit to you will include each individual’s:

  • Purpose & Values Profile
  • Career History (including details leading to each transition)
  • High-Impact Success Outcomes & Achievements
  • Exceptional Leadership Profile
  • Detailed Reference Summaries
  • Scientific-based Behavioral Profile with Gap Analysis

In addition to each Exceptional Leader Finalist Presentation, we are pleased to offer additional services including:

  • Suggested Interview Staging Process
  • Interview Scheduling/Coordination
  • Interview Guide/Rubric
  • Offer Package Negotiation
  • Onboarding/Coaching

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