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Y Scouts is the executive search firm nonprofit organizations and social enterprises trust when they need an exceptional leader.

Growing revenue, maximizing social impact, increasing donor engagement, developing emerging leaders, and creating game-changing programs – these are just a handful of the goals our clients seek. In order to successfully achieve these goals, every organization needs the right leadership – Breakthrough Leadership. Combining over 40 years of experience and the latest leading-edge research on leadership, the team at Y Scouts has pioneered a brilliantly powerful model to deliver the best possible outcome.

The Y Scouts approach to Exceptional Leadership Search is best described as a ‘Covert Search Operation in Pursuit of the Best Possible Outcome.’


Step 1 – Becoming You
In order to find the best leader for you, we must first become you. Our process begins with a discovery phase to help us gain clarity on your purpose/mission, your culture, your values, and your leadership philosophy. As an extension of your team, we leverage this information to ensure we are connecting with the right leadership talent who authentically align to the core intangible elements of your company.

Step 2 – Defining the Role
Hiring the right leader begins with knowing exactly whom you are seeking. Our role definition process will help crystalize the most critical strategic objectives, key responsibilities, and KSA’s that lead to the biggest impact. Once the role has been successfully defined, select members of your team will complete a behavioral benchmark assessment to formalize the ideal behavioral blueprint of the role.

Step 3 – Discovering the Truth
Just because someone can do the job doesn’t mean they should. Our unique candidate outreach process begins by deliberately concealing your company identity and the specific role details. This unique approach yields pure and authentic responses from candidates about what’s most important to them as they consider a career move. When the ‘right’ answer is unknown, the truth is easily attainable.

Stage 4 – Assessing Upgraded Functional Expertise
There are leaders who thrive on polishing their past, and there are leaders who thrive on creating the future. We employ an in-depth interviewing process focused on performance milestones, successes, learning moments, pattern recognition, and relevant, upgraded functional expertise. An exhaustive reference-checking process is conducted for each finalist we submit.

Stage 5 – Assessing Breakthrough Leadership Traits
Leadership is not found in a job title, it lives in an individual’s behaviors. Y Scouts looks for specific proof points of the 3 most critical behaviors every leader must demonstrate in today’s ever-changing business landscape.

We are truly excited to work with you and team on your future important leadership search assignment. To have a conversation, contact us at (480) 498-7222 or fill out our online form.


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“Wow! You guys hit a home run. Really like the candidates from Y Scouts.” – Adam Goodman, President of Goodmans Interior Structures

“If you need a passionate leader, the approach Y Scouts takes will attract the right talent.” – Kevin Fallon McCarthy, McCarthy Law

“The approach Y Scouts took provided us with unique candidates that fit with our culture.” – Matt Altman, Co-Founder & Principal of Sportiqe Apparel