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Hiring on purpose positively impacts lives and companies.

“I am most proud of the overall cultural turnaround of the team as a result of their willingness to trust, step outside their comfort zone and grow faster than the business is growing…” —Bill Hoffman

$23 billion

The cannabis market is expected to grow at a remarkable pace and will generate almost $23 billion by 2021, which is a 21% growth rate per year.

American Cannabis Company

Forward-thinking organizations design work environments around teams, versus individuals. Discover the benefits of having a team-based organizational structure!


Treating Employees Well Matters. 13 companies that have appeared on Fortune’s annual 100 Best Companies to Work For list every year also see higher average annual returns, with cumulative returns as high as 495%.


“Nothing is more satisfying than doing WELL while doing GOOD.”

— Michael Wang
President, The Pharm

Meet candidates “where they are” and speak their language, but only with your authentic voice. People can spot charlatans from a mile away.

— Tasha Hock
Practice Director, Y Scouts

What problem could you spend the rest of your life trying to solve?

“When we hire great people, and they have the tools and resources they need to support the organizational goals, it isn’t an either/or scenario. Holding people accountable doesn’t have to breed toxicity in the company. It’s truly about shared understanding.” —Suraj Monhandas


Find Your Next Leader

We don't do placements. We align leaders and work. Placement is a cold top-down approach, focusing on resumes and filling empty seats. By hiring on purpose, we take the broken vertical model and flip it on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leader and company. We bridge the gap between business’ purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths. It is purposeful and methodical and driven by empathy. It’s why we exist.