Evalee Tores

Search Consultant

My favorite core value is "develop others"

Evalee began her career in Candidate and Client Engagement a decade ago in Chicago, IL, managing all aspects of Business Development including recruiting, staffing, sales management, and new client acquisitions. She successfully aided in the expansion of multiple organizations nationwide. Her passion for developing others and looking beyond the resume when making hiring decisions has made her stand out amongst her peers.

As an Executive Search Consultant at Y Scouts, Evalee has been successful at finding hidden talent across a multitude of different industries and C-suite roles. She loves the hunt, finding diverse candidates with transferable skills and industry experience to help her clients continue to stay at the forefront of consumer centricity. Some of her favorite searches to work on are with conscious industry leaders that focus on making a positive impact on our society and that align with her personal values allowing Evalee to be her most authentic self. She thrives on creating a real human connection with each and every conversation.

Evalee is now a current resident of Southern California and a mother of two. When not professionally matchmaking she enjoys traveling with her family, working on youth non-profit projects, and various outdoor adventures.

Fun Facts:

  • Worked Karaoke and Comedy nights as a bartender at one of the most historic bowling alleys in Chicago (Diversey River Bowl)
  • Loves cooking and tries at least one new recipe once per week
  • Obsessed with learning about fungi and all the ways it could change and save the world