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What Are B Corps?

A certified B Corporation business is one that has met numerous standards with social and environmental efforts, transparency with the public, and upholding legal accountability.

B Corps use their successful profits and growth to positively impact their communities, and, most importantly, their employees.

B Corps create unique job opportunities with various goals in mind, such as reducing inequality in the workplace and creating a healthy environment.

For a B Corp to get started on the path to success, it first needs to hire top-quality leaders. This is where executive search firms like Y Scouts come in.

Y Scouts as a Certified B Corp Search Firm

Y Scouts is a certified B Corp that helps leaders connect with purpose-driven organizations for meaningful executive-level B Corp jobs.

We work exclusively with purpose-driven organizations that attend to a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

We focus on B Corps jobs because these opportunities are higher-quality jobs that improve our community’s quality of life.

To provide the best results for our B Corp clients, we use a personalized search process. The first step of this process involves our team gaining an in-depth understanding of your company. We want to know what you do, and learn what your mission and visions are.

With this comprehensive understanding of your organization in mind, we craft a custom search process around what your ideal candidate looks like.

Certain B Corps jobs can require a candidate with a unique background and set of skills. Thanks to our first-hand experience in the industry, we can locate fitting candidates when you need them the most.

Then, we comb our candidate network to find top-performing leaders with a passion that aligns with your company culture. By making this connection, we ensure our clients retain their new hires and form long-lasting relationships.

B Corp Leadership Opportunities With Y Scouts

Have you been looking for a leadership opportunity to grow, do meaningful work, and feel valued for all you contribute? Where you feel a profound connection to your work and are fully on board with your organization’s purpose?

Then look no further. Join the Y Scouts Leadership Community for B Corp jobs that far transcend a paycheck.

By joining the Leadership Community, you’ll be part of a growing movement of leaders who want to make the world a better place where the purpose is at the very heart of the work you do.

If you are a Certified B Corporation looking to hire a leader, please contact us at 480.374.7110 or learn more about Y Scouts executive recruiting for B Corps.

By joining the Y Scouts Leadership Community, you’ll receive the following benefits:

  • Be considered for B Corp Jobs
  • Exclusive Confidentiality
  • Receive helpful leadership articles
  • Find meaning in your work

If you would like to immediately apply to B Corp jobs outside of the leadership level opportunities we offer, take a look at the B Corp jobs website.
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