Alex Flies

Sales & Recruiting Associate

My favorite core value is "learn relentlessly"

Alex is a Sales & Recruiting Associate at Y Scouts. She was drawn to Y Scouts for their reputation of putting the right leaders in place to help companies succeed. 

Alex graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Business Management. While at U of A, she also had the privilege of being on the Arizona Pomline and got to dance on the sidelines for football and basketball games. 

Alex currently lives in San Diego, CA where she enjoys spending time outside and at the beach with friends and family.

Fun Facts:

  • My last name is pronounced "Fleece", as in "fleece as white as snow"
  • I was born in Minnesota and am a loyal Minnesota Vikings fan - Skol!
  • I’m a self-proclaimed barista, and I love making/consuming coffee
  • My favorite/comfort TV shows are Friends, Grey's Anatomy, The Office, and Gilmore Girls