A recently coined but widely accepted term, “Authentic Leadership” is a modern and more inclusive approach to leadership.

Authentic Leadership works on the principle that a leader can prove their legitimacy by nurturing sincere relationships with their subordinates and giving importance to their input.

An authentic leader encourages their subordinates to be more open; they appreciate their support in the success of the organization. Their leadership style promotes both individual and team performance.

Do you think you have the qualities to be an authentic leader? Read on and find out.

1. Self-awareness

An authentic leader reflects upon all of their actions and decisions and examines their own strengths and weaknesses without any bias. They put in a lot of effort to overcome their fears and uses their strengths to the maximum.

2. Lead with heart

An authentic leader is all heart. They are not afraid to dig deep, and they lead their team with courage and empathy that only comes from listening to the heart.

3. Focus on long-term results

Authentic leaders don’t waste precious time unnecessarily worrying over temporary setbacks, or less than stellar results in the previous quarter. Their focus is always long-term. They know that patience and hard work do take time but yield rich results in the long run.

4. Integrity

Strength of character is essential for an authentic leader. They don’t say things which they don’t mean, and they earn respect because of this quality. People trust them because they keep their word, no matter what it takes.

5. Lead with vision

Authentic leaders lead with purpose and vision. They always add value to people they interact with and help them realize higher professional goals which lead to better personal lives as well. They push themselves and others around them to raise the bar and aim for excellence.

6. Listening skills

An authentic leader is always a good listener, even when someone else contradicts their views. In fact, they are even willing to consider those ideas with an open mind and change their opinion if the arguments make sense.

7. Transparency

Authentic leaders believe in open communication and combine their directness with empathy, which more often than not brings success. The image they project in public is not drastically different from how they really are in private. They don’t hide their mistakes and weaknesses and have the courage to actually be who they really are.

8. Consistency

Consistency is another hallmark of authentic leaders. They aren’t fickle and they stick to their principles. Their behavior is consistent, and they are not easily swayed by superficialities.

9. Share success with the team

This is something that sets an authentic leader apart from other leaders. They not only build a good team but also give credit where it is due and shares success and achievements with the entire team.

10. Drawing on experience

There is no better teacher than life, and these leaders draw from lessons learned from their life experiences. Their stellar leadership skills slowly evolved from real-world experiences and life stories.

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