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Why Do People Work At Goodmans?

Why do people work at Goodmans, an office furniture company in Phoenix, AZ?

The commitment Goodmans has made to their customers and the architecture and design community has made Goodmans the largest office furniture dealer in the Southwest and synonymous with quality and customer service. A six time winner of the Best Places To Work, Goodmans provides employees with a workspace that’s unlike any other we’ve seen on our What’s Your Why? Tour.

Here are the reasons “why” people work at Goodmans.

Goodmans Change the Community

Adam Goodman, President + CEO
“To change the community.”
Adam Goodman, President + CEO at Goodmans

Jennifer McKinney, Director of Service Quality
“I teach The Why. How is the by product.”
Jennifer McKinney, Director of Service Quality at Goodmans

Steve Miller, CIO
“Solving Problems.”
Steve Miller, CIO at Goodmans

Sandra Vondrak, Project Designer
“Help create better spaces for people to work in.”
Sandra Vondrak, Project Designer at Goodmans

Brian Turner, HR Manager
“To create the BEST place to work!!!”
Brian Turner, HR Manager at Goodmans

Tori Nienaber, Showroom Manager
“To provide the support necessary for success.”
Tori Nienaber, Showroom Manager at Goodmans

Kevin Hoehne, Account Manager
“To prove Dilbert wrong.”
Kevin Hoehne, Account Manager at Goodmans

Shelby Smith, DIRTT Design Specialist
“Create love for great design.”
Shelby Smith, DIRTT Design Specialist at Goodmans

Lynn Andrews, Project Manager
“We can change our community.”
Lynn Andrews, Project Manager at Goodmans

Brandi Rhoades, Project Designer
“Create great places to heal.”
Brandi Rhoades, Project Designer at Goodmans

Eric Bashan, Account Executive
“I love what I do!”
Eric Bashan, Account Executive at Goodmans

Jerry McKinney, DIRTT Champion
“To build sustainable interiors that grow with your company!”
Jerry McKinney, DIRTT Champion at Goodmans

Marlyn Chavez, Order Entry
“Redefining success in customer installations.”
Marlyn Chavez, Order Entry at Goodmans

Stacy Stuart, Project Coordinator
“Creating a GREAT learning space!”
Stacy Stuart, Project Coordinator at Goodmans

Karen Gutierrez, Greeter
“To greet you with a (: in person or on the phone.”
Karen Gutierrez, Greeter at Goodmans

Kirstin Tharrington, Accounts Payable
“Working as a team gets the job done.”
Kirstin Tharrington, Accounts Payable at Goodmans

Bryan Voiles, Assistant Controller
“To be successful while helping others prosper!”
Bryan Voiles, Assistant Controller at Goodmans

Stacey Huld, Project Coordinator
“Provide ergonomic solutions while adhering to budget and aesthetics.”
Stacey Huld, Project Coordinator at Goodmans

Becca Richards, Project Designer
“Great design should affect the workplace.”
Becca Richards, Project Designer at Goodmans

Doug Klein, CFO
“Help entrepreneurs and stakeholders build organizations that improve the quality of life around the world.”
Doug Klein, CFO at Goodmans

Theresa Prophet, Project Coordinator
“Because I really am changing our community!”
Theresa Prophet, Project Coordinator at Goodmans

Barbara Wheaton, Sales Completion
“2 make people more comfortable at work.”
Barbara Wheaton, Sales Completion at Goodmans

Steve Scott, Foreman
“I am making a difference in healthcare and your workplace.”
Steve Scott, Foreman at Goodmans

Mariano Larson, Scheduling
“To help others efficiently achieve their goals.”
Mariano Larson, Scheduling at Goodmans

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