How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Attractive to Recruiters

how to make an attractive linkedin profile

LinkedIn has successfully carved out its niche as a “professional” social network; In fact, the networking site has almost 690 million users as of 2020. More people are getting recruited for jobs because of their LinkedIn profiles every day. Thus, you’re likely wondering how to make your LinkedIn profile more attractive to recruiters. Learning how…

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5 Ways To Increase Employee Retention Through Purpose Based Recruiting

Max Hansen, co-founder of Y Scouts, shares 5 ways to increase employee retention through a purpose based recruiting method. Ask any entrepreneur to explain his or her biggest struggle, and you’ll hear one answer more often than any other – finding and retaining the best talent. Let’s face it, at the end the day, the…

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What is Simon Sinek’s why?

Y Scouts had the opportunity to meet with Simon Sinek last night and attend Simon’s “Start With Why” talk at ASU. Naturally, we were curious to ask Simon one question, “What’s your why?” Here’s what Simon had to say, “Inspire people to do the things that inspire them!” [fusion_alert type=”general” class=”custom-fusion-alert-grey”]Y Scouts is an executive…

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