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Stephanie Clerge

Stephanie Clerge

OK, I admit it. I’m a big nerd. But I’m also a people person. Weird, huh? But that’s the thing. I believe that each one of us is weird in our own way, but that’s also what makes us uniquely awesome! So my why, my purpose, is to find out what that weird thing is about each person I meet so I can help them to shine a light on it. If that person is a leader, then others will see that light and be attracted to and guided by it. In short, I’m on a mission to help passionate and purposeful leaders be excellent. But in my lean manufacturing training I was taught to ask 5 Whys, so I’ll ask four more: Why? So they can help their people be excellent. Why? Because excellent people are the backbone of excellent companies, teams, products and services. Why? Because robots can do more and more things everyday but they still can’t feel. Why? I don’t know, but what I do know is that the world needs more excellence and the fuel of excellence is that feeling of passion. We all have it, but we don’t all know we have it or know how or where to use it. I hope to change that.

I started as a change agent in my nearly 15 years in high tech manufacturing at Intel. During that time I functioned in an operations role as a people and program manager working on multi-million dollar factory start-ups and process implementations. Although I loved designing processes and creating efficiencies, my favorite part was developing teams to meet complex operational goals. As a liaison between Engineering and various departments including Human Resources, Training, Finance and Facilities, my team provided various business support functions ranging from procurement to risk mitigation to workforce planning for a 4000 person organization.

I was well prepared for these challenges by my degree in industrial engineering from Stanford University and corporate entrepreneurship focused MBA from Babson College. Later I added a leadership and transition coaching certification from the Hudson Institute to the mix.

When I’m not working with leaders, I hope that I’m developing some new ones at home along with my brilliant husband, as I have two energetic young children. I also enjoy volunteering in the youth education space and finding simple ways to stimulate my natural curiosity about people, places and things.