Why Purpose Matters As Much As Expertise & Experience

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Ensuring that a new hire aligns with a job description’s required experience and expertise is one thing. But considering candidates who align with purpose—the reason why the company is running—is crucial in hiring.

Here’s why purpose matters.

Lie: Functional expertise + Industry experience = Success

Truth: Purpose & Values alignment matters as much as functional & industry experience

Too many employers cling to the belief that success means experience combined with expertise.

The missing piece, however, is how well personal values and purposes for working align with those of the company. Furthermore, job advertisements may not help you execute a successful candidate search with all those factors in mind.

why purpose matters

Why Job Ads May Not Help You Find Mission-Aligned Talent

Job ads are excellent for getting the word out that a company has openings. And for broadcasting the jobs that are more entry-level to non-leadership. If you’d accept somebody joining for a matter of months, and then continually replacing that role, run job ads. They help many people get a start. We all were at an entry-level point at one time in our careers, too.

There’s certainly a place for job ads, but selectively choosing new candidates in order to pair expertise with value alignment requires deeper digging.

Giving Job Ads A Facelift

If companies continue to use job ads for mid- to higher-level roles, they should use the ads differently.

Stop giving candidates the laundry list of what they’ll do and what they need on the resume to be considered. Instead, discuss these:

  • The mission of the organization.
  • The types of people who mesh well there.
  • Then, highlight a few high-level initiatives or outcomes that the role must deliver.

Use the job ad to ask, how would you deliver these types of initiatives or outcomes? What would you do to help us achieve this? They can then express why purpose matters in a job.

why purpose matters

This approach lets candidates send a resume as backup, as well as demonstrate how they might tackle the job. This gives them a spirit of empowerment and shows why purpose matters in a position.

The real document employers should use as a qualifier is a synopsis of how the candidate would accomplish the desired outcomes. It serves as more of a project-based approach to finding the right talent.

Why don’t people like their jobs?

Why are companies nowhere near as productive as they could be?

It’s from an overemphasis on hiring only for performance.

Companies need to reach short-term financial goals. To reach them, the mindset is to hire people who can do the job.

Of course, it would be foolish to hire somebody who doesn’t know what they’re doing. But the true accelerator of performance lies in an emotional alignment.

Missteps In Hiring: Why Purpose Matters

Hiring for performance and for a track record of success is logical and holds a large place in the hiring process. But minimizing or excluding the connection an individual has with the company’s mission presents another face of the coin.

If you fail to factor in the purpose connection, or assume that you will work it out after hiring them, you are making a mistake that could require some damage control later.

The purpose, values and culture alignment that we emphasize at Y Scouts is not an attempt to discredit performance. It’s to highlight how the emotional piece holds equal importance with the logical piece.

It’s why purpose matters.

You must be able to do the job functionally, because you have a track record of performance. And you also must care deeply about and align with the organization’s mission, values and culture.

When that happens, performance accelerates exponentially.

Y Scouts is a leadership search firm that finds purpose-aligned and performance-proven leaders to help organizations achieve their missions faster. Ready to supercharge your leadership search and get the right person in your organization? Contact Y Scouts.


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