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Ray DelMuro

Ray DelMuro has loved design and the creative process for as long as he could remember. This led to him going to school for engineering and later working for Toyota and an aerospace company in manufacturing and lean processes.

He left the business world in 2006 in search of a solution. He wanted to know how he could combine his passions for art and engineering while supporting a larger cause at the same time. With a sense of adventure he thought the best way to do this was go on an around the world trip. His travels spanned 21 countries and 39 cities over 13 months. While abroad Ray fell in love with the idea of creating a business that made something functional, had a unique story and feel to it, all while helping the environment.

In 2008, a year after returning to the states he founded Refresh Glass. Through their mission to rescue 10 million bottles they collect and transform wine bottles into functional products such as glassware, vases, candle holders, and planters. Refresh Glass artistically demonstrates the unique impact of melding the heart of a charity with the fiscal sustainability of a corporation. He is also the board chair for Business Education for the Conscious Capitalism Arizona Chapter.

Ray believes that we have an opportunity to change businesses practices along with how schools are taught by definitively proving in the market place that products and services who provide both fiscal and community benefit are more successful. Then, in turn the public will demand changes through buying habits that will ultimately raise global cultural and economic realities.