Melissa Schonberger

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To me, books and people are one and the same: stories to get lost in. I enjoy nothing more than having conversations at length with friends, family and new acquaintances about their journeys and aspirations. My predisposition and passion for observing human interaction and behavior naturally led me to study Psychology and Marketing at Arizona State University. The combination of learning the human psyche and applying that to business has been the perfect blend. After a lecture surrounding organizational behavior, I began to further research human interactions in the workplace and leadership and became hooked on personal and professional development material that enhances both individual and organizational performance.

I am drawn to leadership recruiting as it affords me the opportunity to continuously learn about all angles of organizations and leadership from industry leaders and visionaries. The thought of placing the right leaders in the right companies to make the world a better place is what excites me to the core.

At Y Scouts, I am able to surround myself with clients, candidates and colleagues who are dedicated to elevating humanity.  Every day, I am able to come to work knowing I am pursuing my purpose of helping others find theirs and for that I am endlessly grateful.

A little more about Melissa:

  • Avid reader with a full bookcase instead of a TV in her apartment
  • She can’t sit still for too long- you’ll find her biking and hiking around Phoenix on the evenings and weekends
  • Loves yoga and hip hop dance classes
  • Cookie dough is her guilty pleasure
  • Shooting a documentary, writing a book and traveling the world are just a few items on her extensive bucket list