Marlowe Everett

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My career started with my love for food and evoking passion in others. After culinary school, I spent years in the restaurant and hotel world, which slowly shifted my focus from the art of the business to the way it operates. I decided to trade my apron and the demanding hours in for a world of helping small businesses thrive through management software and consulting. Now with Y Scouts, I get to further my love for helping companies by connecting them with purpose-driven leaders to truly help them make an impact on their employees and community.

To my core, I believe in helping people create joy and passion, whether that be through food or evolving their business.

A little more about Marlowe…

  • Avid yogi and lover of all things movement
  • Wannabe health coach
  • Water aficionado (don’t get her started on her gallon jug!)
  • Proud rescue mom to blue nose Pitbull named Sage
  • Impulse buyer of tattoos, rings, and meditation malas
  • Life motto: If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life
Marlowe Everett