Marc Ruter

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After graduating from college, I went work in the financial services industry. What was originally intended as a way to gain valuable experience and knowledge gradually turned into what most would call a career. I took an entrepreneurial leap in January of 2000 and, with two partners, started a non-bank mortgage lending operation headquartered in Tempe, AZ. Over a ten year period, we grew the business from one location and a few thousand in revenue to three locations and tens of millions in revenue – it was one heck of a ride, especially navigating the difficult period between 2007 and 2010. The gift of hindsight always sheds light on the decisions that made the biggest impact. For me, nothing mattered more to the success of our business than the team I was responsible for hiring. I loved hiring. I loved meeting new people, finding out what made them tick, and determining if they would love being part of our team.

I made the difficult decision to sell my ownership in the business and pursue something different, something new. Two of my long-time friends, Brian Mohr and Max Hansen, were constantly talking about their purpose-based executive search firm, and a light went on for me. Given my passion for hiring and my experience as a CEO, leadership recruiting felt like the perfect fit.

I joined Y Scouts in December of 2013, and have thrived on the challenge of working in a company looking to make a difference in the world. The opportunity has allowed me to leverage my portfolio of entrepreneurial talents, and focus on connecting the right leaders with the right organizations. I love connecting with leaders who are passionate about discovering new and innovative ways to solve problems, especially those who want to make a meaningful difference in our world.

About little more about me:

  • Lucky father to Juliana
  • Proud husband to Helana
  • I enjoy competition, especially golf, tennis and Texas hold ‘em poker
  • I’ve been told I’m an amazing chef