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Alexia Collins

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Thoughtful human connection is what I crave. Listening to people’s stories fuels me with passion to do more good in the world. Helping others succeed invigorates me.

I started my career with a traditional executive search firm during college. Eventually, through the universe’s divine timing and happenings, a series of serendipitous events, and wonderful people led me to Y Scouts. Our passion for trailblazing by transforming what it means to connect people to purposeful work that matters excites me. In the words of Swami Abhedanada, “Where there is purpose, there is happiness”. I am grateful to be able to do the work I do, while being surrounded by a group of truly incredible human beings!
Personal tidbits about me:
  • Avid mountain biker – the muddier the better!
  • Seeker of adventure outdoors, especially backpacking.
  • Crazy obsessed with trail mix.
  • Lover of time with my family and good wine.
  • Life motto: “Follow your own path with compassion” – be yourself, be unique, be individual, do good along the way, reach out to lend a helping hand when you can and don’t harm others along the way.