Your Best Content Strategy is Your Team

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You always have the option to hire professional writers. If you can afford to, and it is driving the outcomes you desire, this article is not for you. If you are a small to medium business looking to make traction and try some new things internally, here are 4 Tips to inspire team engagement with your company’s content engine:

1. Make it simple for them

Create a shared doc. I love Google docs, but having a link that your team can bookmark makes it easy for them to reference any time they have something to add.

2. Create levels of contribution

You will have some people that excel at writing and love to contribute consistently. Others may find this a bit more challenging, so having varying levels of difficulty in how they can add value will drive the best outcome for all to have a way to play.

Easy Ask


An example of this is “Weekly Quotes” that shared on social media. Just about everyone has a favorite quote or can find a few they love with a quick Google search. Request they add one quote weekly to your spreadsheet and bam!

Quick Tips.

No matter what industry or role each person is in, everyone has a tip or two they can share. Since I lead marketing for an executive search brand, I request “Hiring Tips” and “Interview Tips” from our Search Directors, Advisors, and Specialists. They are the experts and allows them to share their knowledge and build their personal brand at the same time.

Passionate and Expression Writing.

In every meeting, listen for this content opportunity. Hear someone on the team sharing a keen perspective on the work you do? Or are they educating the team on something relevant? Are they commenting on one of your core values? Ask them to write a quick blog post on it. Often, their eyes light up, as this did not even occur to them, but they care about it enough to write about it.

Candid Photos.

I am always surprised to learn there is at least one person on the team (other than me) that loves taking photos. There may even be someone with professional skills, so be curious and learn what valuable secret talents might be sitting right next to you. Photos add so much to a story, so snap away!

Medium Ask

Curated Content.

So many around you take in content. Whether it is via podcasts, digital magazines, videos, or other online sources, ask them to provide the link and 1-2 paragraphs about it from their perspective. Linking to these make great social posts. Grammarly is a powerful App providing helpful writing suggestions on everything from punctuation to tone.

Candid Videos.

Authentic video content that is raw and not highly produced can drive engagement for your brand, so you do you and have fun with it right from a smartphone. Then post to your social channels. Hubspot offers this helpful starter pack for creating videos.

Greater Commitment

3-5 Minute Videos.

Have a gifted speaker on your team? Leverage the heck out of them with video content. 

Original Articles.

These articles tend to be the most significant ask in my experience. But, keep asking as once the team momentum flows, and you share the impact of their contributions— before you know it, you have a consistent internal marketing engine. 

3. Ask for, then schedule commitment.

With everyone focused on their primary task at hand, this could feel like an interruption if you ask for an immediate need. Depending on the size of your team, schedule one person per week to submit a piece of content. If there are weeks you receive nothing, own it to fill the gaps.

4. Share outcomes and celebrate wins.

Let everyone know why their contribution matters to your overall brand. Share a baseline measure then one after a quarter of contribution. Give shout-outs via meetings and email and share links along the way.

Here’s to your next quarter of content marketing! Let me know how it goes.


Candi Luciano

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