Doing Well While Doing Good

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At Y Scouts, we’re on a mission to connect 10,000,000 people to work that matters. We’re inspired by the missions of our clients and the candidates we support. We’re proud to help bring both together to drive positive impact in the world. 

In pursuit of our mission, we ask every candidate after we have placed them to provide us with an impact statement. Summed up, an impact statement is a brief summary on why a move matters to someone and the impact on their life, either personally or professionally. We display these on our wall in our office to remind us what impact we are having on the lives of those we work with.

Impact comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be the father who made the move to join a mission-oriented organization from the Midwest in order to be closer to extended family. Or the single mother whose commute was cut in half, providing her more time with her children each day. Or the supply chain/logistics leader who is now able to be a part of a mission to deliver clean water to developing countries. Or the HR leader who is now part of a mission to graduate a million more students per year by 2020.

Personally, I was touched by someone we recently worked with on identifying a new opportunity named Michael Wang. From the start, I knew Michael had a special story. Amongst the many things he shared, the core of his story made an impression. He came to the US from China with $50 in his pocket to attend Chicago’s Booth school for his MBA, he was personally mentored by Larry Bossidy early in his career and years later took Zazzle from pre-profitability to $120M+ in revenue in five years. Yet, what really struck me when working with Michael was his innate desire to simply “do good”. He’s a driver, a doer, an executor. But above all, he is a champion of people & culture and doing the right thing.

Michael is now the new President of The Pharm where he will be helping to shape culture and drive the future of the organization in Arizona, California and beyond. He shared his impact statement with us this week that read, I am so thrilled now to contribute toward an important cause/movement/new frontier that can fully benefit from my passion, skills, and leadership.  Nothing is more satisfying than doing well while doing good. Thank you, Y Scouts, for your eagle’s eyes, your values, and your professionalism.”

That’s what struck me the most – “nothing is more satisfying than doing well while doing good”. At Y Scouts we get the opportunity to do well while doing good every day, and I’m thrilled to be a part of journeys like Michael’s. 

Alexia Collins is a Leadership Search Director at Y Scouts. Thoughtful human connection is what Alexia craves. Listening to people’s stories fuels her with passion to do more good in the world. Helping others succeed invigorates her.

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