A Paradigm Shift for Work and Life

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A few months ago, the Y Scouts team started reading Language and the Pursuit of Happiness by Chalmers Brothers. We read a chapter a month and talk about it as a team. The book shares a way of understanding your language and your conversations, even those you have internally. It is cited as a powerful, practical basis for real change and lasting improvements at home and work. The book reminds us that our language and our conversations are incredibly active, creative, and generative, not passive. These conversations connect to our relationships, our effectiveness, our emotions, and our physical bodies. The book pushes us to think about how we think. We can be vulnerable and uncomfortable at times, but it is essential if we are seeking to become better individuals and better communicators.

As we discuss the chapters, personal and professional anecdotes come up. We can all make the conscious decision to shift our paradigm in how we communicate with ourselves, the team, candidates, and clients. We’ve realized as a company that communication is even more important than we had realized before and there are so many different aspects to it. For example, one topic that has consistently surfaced in our conversations includes how we individually prefer to receive feedback. This one thing has much helped us as a team in having difficult conversations with each other and developing each other.

The act of thinking about how we communicate in all aspects forces us to be more mindful of what we say and how we say it in work and our personal lives. With the mindset of relentless learning and work-life integration, we understand that we are professionals, but we are also human beings. We carry the same beliefs and values with us in life and when we walk into work. The more time we spend thinking through things like how we communicate with ourselves internally, and how we present ourselves externally, the better we can articulate our authentic voice in each situation. As a team, this allows us to be intentional about our progress as a company, as individual leadership search experts, and as human beings.


Melissa Schonberger

Melissa Schonberger is a Leadership Search Advisor at Y Scouts. In her role, she truly loves being able to surround herself with clients, candidates, and colleagues who are dedicated to elevating humanity through business. She finds meaning in helping others ponder and find their purpose through her conversations. Outside of work, Melissa is passionate about boxing and being a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters.