Leader vs. Boss: Does it Matter?

Leader or Boss

Many of us have had the misfortune of working for a “boss.” (Definition of a boss: “a person in charge of a worker or organization.”) Many of us have also had an opportunity to work for a “leader.” Do we understand the difference?

What would it feel like to be truly inspired in the workplace every single day? How would business change if people didn’t feel like they were “going to work”? We spend 90,000 hours of our lifetime in the workplace. Many would argue that we spend more time at work than anywhere else, and is why having extraordinary leadership is so essential today.

Regardless of generation, people want to feel like their work matters. There is a need to believe that the value of their work matters to an organization. This value could be internal, external, or both. I think back to how it felt to work in an organization heavily focused on customer service. The organization was equally focused on employee engagement and development. The coincidence is, I had a management team that cared about my well being, my professional growth, and how that would translate into being a future leader in that organization and beyond. I then cared about doing the right thing for business, treating my customers, clients, and employees that I served with the best possible care.

Today, I am part of another organization that is full of impactful leaders. They care about the difference they make in my life and the work that we do as a team. Our ideas matter. As employees, we know our opinions matter, and our leadership supports our creativity, innovative ideas, and personal growth. We then get the privilege to help our clients and our work matters to them.

The concept of the “boss” is slowing drifting away in theory. But as leaders, are we always intentional about hiring a leader? Do we understand the real impact that leadership has on most of the pressing questions?
How will we increase revenue?
How will we improve our customer service surveys?
What’s a better offering to our customers?
How will we grow profits and sustain our growth?
Can our operating systems be more efficient?

By hiring the right type of leader, your employees will be engaged, and your metrics/goals will be met. Why? There is buy-in to what the organization is trying to accomplish and why they are doing it.