Kelly Geary

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As a kid, I had this consistent nagging feeling about needing to know what to do with my life once I “grew up”. I remember being riddled with curiosity about going into law, like my father – or going into something more creative, which is where my heart seemed to gravitate. In an odd marriage of these pursuits, I ended up at the University of Virginia studying government and theater. I hightailed it to NYC to pursue dreams of living in the big city, and work that would allow me to stay there!

After some fits and starts, I found myself in a recruiting role at an investment bank on Wall Street. That world was fast-paced, highly competitive, and all about results. While I loved the essence of the work and the people I was lucky to work with and learn from – the purpose was ultimately about making money. And that left my soul nagging, once again.

Through the workings of this amazing Universe, I was recruited to an internet start-up over the 1999 holiday season all the way down in Austin, Texas. For a city known to keep it weird, this was a perfect fit for me! Working alongside passionate risk-takers who wanted to disrupt part of the real estate industry, I got the chance to wade deep in recruiting waters unknown to me.

Since those early days of 2000, I have embraced opportunities to learn more about myself, to improve my skills around recruiting, and to be open to fulfilling my purpose. What a long, strange trip it’s been! And it keeps getting better!

Being welcomed onto the Y Scouts team is the sweet realization of an intentional dream: to work alongside like-minded, optimistic, purpose-driven and fun people who help others connect to organizations and work that matters. I am most motivated by meaningful connections – and the priceless joy that comes from watching others discover and deepen their own life’s purpose.

Some other odds and ends about Kelly:

  • March 17th is the best day of the year, according to her.
  • Her dog Larry likes to smile with all of his teeth showing!
  • She’s got a super soft spot for hummingbirds and rainbows.
  • Writing a love story with Andrew while raising up 3 kids together
  • Life is sweeter with music on!
  • The hotter the yoga, the better.
  • Had an oddball crush on Michael Stipe from about the age of 10-15.