Katelyn Harris-Lange

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I spent the first three years of my career working directly with patients on an inpatient mental health and addiction unit in Wisconsin. I enjoyed working with patients and credit my experience working in healthcare as the spark that ignited a strong desire to leverage empathy and purpose to scale impact throughout my career.

A longing for additional growth and development opportunities led to my decision to pivot to a new career and relocate to Arizona. I enrolled in a public administration graduate program and attended a social impact conference in Seattle that introduced me to benefit corporations (B Corps) and the concept of conscious capitalism in general. This experience was the north star that guided my journey to Y Scouts.

In between my conference experience and landing at Y Scouts as a leadership search specialist, I spent six months at an internship in Oakland, two weeks in Costa Rica building solar panels, five weekends in Washington D.C. for a public policy fellowship, and a year and a half in a full-time workforce development role at the Greater Phoenix Chamber.

Supporting employer-led workforce development strategies at the Chamber, grew an unexpected passion for building partnerships and economic development. Business drives the economy and I’m energized to help organizations find purpose-driven leaders to add value not only to the business but to the community at large.

A little more about Katelyn:

  • Passionate about autonomous vehicles, opportunity costs, and the future of work

  • Half the fun of traveling is buying a new book in the airport

  • I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do

  • Aspiring competitive rower

  • Love finding and recovering unclaimed property for family and friends