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Y Scouts’ Interim Leaders are today’s most immediate placement solution for a company’s most critical Interim Leadership needs.

Why Interim Leadership?

Get the game-changing leader you need in place today— within days not months. Interim leaders will position you and your team to attack the most immediate challenges and free your team up to find and ignite new opportunities. The business landscape is changing faster now than we’ve ever seen. Take advantage of the newly available talent and allow them to bring their subject matter expertise and a new perspective on a pay-as-you-go basis.

The Way Forward is Clear:

  • It’s a faster solution to get your next leader in the role.
  • Hiring interim leaders to help solve your biggest challenges and achieve your most immediate success outcomes— imagine where you will be a year from now as a result.
  • By filling this gap, you gain objectivity. An interim leader comes with “no political agenda.” They have zero interest in playing political games as they are paid to get results, period.
  • They offer a fresh perspective. Leaders who come in from the outside with a defined execution time frame can immediately share their experiences and recommendations without worrying about the old adage of “we’ve always done it this way.”
  • It is more cost-effective— with employer’s market rates and paying only for hours allocated.
  • You have access to higher caliber talent. It’s an employer’s market, making leaders who were overqualified prior, now in play.
  • Visionaries know the gig economy is climbing up that ladder. And, COVID-19 is speeding up the process.
  • For companies in crisis, this is an innovative way to create a turn-around situation. By hiring leaders with turnarounds/crisis management strengths, the future will be brighter.
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Are You Ready to Become an Interim Leader?

Interim leadership allows you to make an immediate impact on an organization’s most important outcomes.

Do you have strong leadership to help in a turnaround situation or crisis management? Leverage your skills to solve true business problems during a critical time.

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Our Approach


Begin your interim leader search

We don’t do placements. We align leaders and work. Placement is a cold top-down approach, focusing on resumes and filling empty seats. By hiring on purpose, we take the broken vertical model and flip it on its side, creating horizontal alignment between leader and company. We bridge the gap between business’ purpose and a leader’s passions and strengths. It is purposeful and methodical and driven by empathy. It’s why we exist.

Ann Rhoades

There was a time when it was only about the resume when searching for a leader. Y Scouts has literally redefined executive recruiting to assure we have the right leader driving the bus.


I’ve had the pleasure of being recruited by Y Scouts and subsequently have used Y Scouts twice to source C-Level resources. The Y Scouts engagement with both Clients and Candidates is far beyond anything I’ve seen in my 20+ years as a hiring manager at a Fortune-500 firm working with internal and external recruiters. Y Scouts works collaboratively to ensure that you understand and can define clearly what you are looking for as a Client, and they work equally hard to identify and present only candidates that are legitimately ready to exceed your expectations. Their unique level of engagement and leadership through this process is refreshing and adds significant value in allowing leaders to better understand ‘what and why’ they are looking for in their next critical leadership member; and then they find them.

Denis Bacon, COO, Blue Heron

The level of engagement was far more than I’ve ever seen from other executive firms.

Brian Boubek, CEO & Founder, CEA
Rachel Stewart

I can’t thank you enough for the work and results from your team provided for us. Y Scouts knows what they are doing! You took the scary experience of finding someone that I would trust to run our company (which has been my baby for the last ten years) and made it feel structured, safe, and precise.  You have a process, and it works!  I don’t know that it’s an over-exaggeration to say that you found us the exact right person for the position and we couldn’t be happier.

We’re not spending hours interviewing multiple candidates. When we get one or two candidates to look at, we already know the purpose, vision and skill set is there. They do the work for us in advance, so we don’t need to do it in-house or as we’re interviewing.

This is my favorite check that I’ll write this year!

It was so much better than anything else I’ve ever experienced. You guys are in a different league. The process, the way you communicated, how you’re organized, the values alignment. I could not have been happier.

If we had to do this all over again, we’d come right back to your doorstep.

Your investigative research laid the foundation for an efficient search/interview process. By the time we were introduced to candidates, it was clear that they had been well-vetted and were great potentials.


73% of flexible work (contract/interim) profiles have higher degree qualifications