Why a Seasoned Chief People Officer Still Believes in Partnering with a Purpose-Driven Leadership Search Firm

By Marlowe Everett | April 10, 2019

Impact Story – Emilie (Shriner) Grombacher placed by Y Scouts at CEA

Hiring – the most crucial part of your business and absolutely the hardest thing to get right. Is it the extensive time it takes? Is it making the tough choice on who to choose? Perhaps it is that the majority of people lack the instinct to visualize the future candidate in the role and have confidence in his/her ability in the role. Whatever the case, most of us can admit that we are not experts at hiring people.

Then there are those who are. Meet Emilie. Emilie is the Chief People Officer at Market Enginuity, prior to that she has 10+ years of experience in recruiting/HR. She has her Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology and her Master’s in Human Resource Management. After working with Emilie and interviewing her, all of us at Y Scouts agree that she’s a hiring rockstar, on and off paper.

Why would someone who is so adept at hiring still believe in teaming up with a search firm to help her hire leadership?

Emilie’s journey with Y Scouts started in 2014 when we placed her at CEA Study Abroad as their Director of Human Resources. What set CEA apart for Emilie as a candidate and what made us drawn to them as a client is that they live their core values past posting them on the wall. They truly believe employees are the core asset of culture for the organization. Emilie sees the value in the Y Scouts model and understands the importance of knowing the person beyond their resume and how their core values truly align with their work.

As we dug further into her purpose journey, we were curious to know how the Y Scouts experience enhanced her success of purpose-driven hiring and helped shape her into the leader she is in her career today.

What measurable accomplishments have you celebrated that are a direct result of the idea of purpose driving meaningful, positive impact?
Emilie noticed when she hired with purpose and heart that there was an increase in retention, revenue, and culture embodiment. At CEA, she was able to share a proud decrease in turnover from 48% when she started to 18%. Talk about IMPACT.

What other tools do you still use within your interview and hiring process today?
“Learn about the candidate and why they are interested in the role to discover their purpose and what they want to accomplish. Then you can go into skill related questions. I would never move forward with someone unless their values fit. Also, don’t be afraid to get vulnerable when it feels comfortable with the candidate. It helps to come across genuine.”

We’re sure in your roles you’ve had the experience of working with many types of recruiting firms. How did your experience with the Y Scouts differ and help you make an impact?
Emilie spoke about the relationship Y Scouts has in the Arizona community and how establishing a connection with Max and Brian helped offer credibility and trust. “Y Scouts gets the culture and purpose, and importance of aligning people based on it. It’s not superficial, it’s more about your soul which is more important to me.”

Emilie’s transition to purpose-based hiring will continue to make a ripple effect of impact with the leaders in her community. In the business of finding purpose-aligned and performance-proven leaders who help organizations achieve their missions faster, Y Scouts believes that values-centered hiring champions make the best partners.


Marlowe Everett

Marlowe is a Search Specialist at Y Scouts. She believes in loving what you do for work and finds a deep sense of purpose helping candidates achieve this and consulting businesses to create this environment for their team.