Google loves to have diversity in search results

By Max Hansen | April 23, 2020

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9 SEO content examples to help leaders drive leads:

1. Local landing pages

When a client searches for an “executive search firm” online, they’re not just searching for one firm. They’re looking to identify multiple firms so that they can select the best one for their hiring needs.

Knowing this, we created resourceful landing pages listing a diverse selection of executive search firms in a local area. These localities are determined by our service area, so that if a client does discover our page organically, then we’ll be able to service their needs.

We learned that Google loves to have diversity in search results because clients want that diversity as well. By creating content that clients want, we’re able to drive organic traffic to our site that often converts over to a lead. —Max Hansen, Y Scouts

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Max Hansen

Max Hansen is a hiring process strategist who partners with CEOs, presidents, and other executive hiring managers to grow their businesses by hiring A-players. After spending nearly two decades successfully hiring tens of thousands of leaders in almost every industry, Max’s true passion is up-leveling everyone’s hiring game with purpose. Have you read his best-seller, Hiring on Purpose yet?