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How to Hire a CTO

You’ve already figured out when to hire a CTO and what to look for in a CTO; now it’s time to start searching for one. But what if you don’t know how to hire a CTO?

Even if you know what you’re looking for in a candidate, finding a chief technology officer can be intimidating. To help your search, here are four topics to consider when you’re trying to decide how to hire a CTO for your company.

1. Use an executive search firm
If you want to hire a chief technology officer, but are confused about how to hire a CTO, consider finding an executive search firm. An executive search firm has experience finding, interviewing, and offering jobs to qualified employees. Since they are well versed in the hiring process, they offer a level of expertise to the search process that is hard to match when you don’t have too much experience in recruiting.

In addition to offering their skill during the search process, an executive search firm can save your business a lot of time. Instead of spending days reaching out to contacts and conducting interviews, you can focus your energy on other tasks help your business grow.

2. Seek out candidates who fit your company’s needs
Finding a potential chief technology officer who meets all the criteria you are looking for may seem daunting. To further your chances of finding a perfect fit, make sure your job description is thorough and easy to understand. By directly stating your requirements for the position, you increase the chance of finding a qualified applicant.

In addition, try to include information about your company environment in your job posting when it is appropriate to do so. By adding information about your company’s culture, you increase the likelihood of finding a CTO who shares your company’s purpose.

3. Reach out within the industry
However, you cannot always post a job listing online and hope that somebody comes across it. Sometimes, you need to reach out to candidates yourself. Don’t be afraid to talk to your businesses connections and mention that you’re looking for a CTO. They may know a qualified candidate who is interested in the position. By reaching out to people in the industry, you increase your chances of finding a qualified candidate you may not have found through other means. If your personal contacts don’t lead to a connection, check out online platforms such as LinkedIn for qualified candidates.

4. Be prepared to “pitch” your company
Sometimes, a candidate with desirable skills may be interested in becoming your CTO. However, if a candidate has lots of potential, other companies may be interested in hiring them.

In order to make your company stand out, be prepared to explain what makes your business unique. Who does your business serve, and how do you affect people’s lives? Be prepared to give honest, enthusiastic answers to these questions if asked.

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How to Hire a CTO

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