Storytelling: The Onboarding Linchpin

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Joining a new company can bring on a host of emotions—from excitement to imposter  syndrome to a fear of the unknown. Championing a human-centered approach to onboarding can maintain the excitement and significantly reduce any uneasiness felt by a new hire.

As a recent addition to the Y Scouts team, I’d like to share a first-hand account of an outstanding moment during my onboarding experience. I started this article with the intention of calling out three touchpoints, but the impact of the point below overshadowed the rest and I am a fan of purposeful brevity.  

So what’s the one thing I experienced during my onboarding that will accelerate my acclimation to the team?

An organized meeting between the CEO and me to unpack the company story. It doesn’t get more human-centered than storytelling and there’s no better person to hear the business story from than the original architect.

It’s important to have a new hire connect with someone (outside of their direct supervisor) who embodies the company’s mission and plays an integral part in supporting the vision for the future. If this can be the CEO, schedule it.

Given Y Scouts executive-level commitment to the Y Scouts Leadership Model, I was able to have this meeting with the Co-founder and CEO of our company on my third day on the job.

Learning the company history and purpose from THE senior leader at Y Scouts:

  1. allowed me the security to mentally refocus from how I would fit into the organization to how I will add value to the organization
  2. organically converted me from a laissez-faire supporter to a self-selected brand evangelist
  3. secured my resolve to drive the results necessary to grow the business (research by Bain & Company suggests that “an inspired employee is more than two times as productive as a satisfied employee”)

The willingness of a senior leader who isn’t responsible for my performance to invest  time with me and the vulnerability inherent in sharing the company’s story—from humble beginnings to disrupting talent acquisition nationally—will pay dividends well worth the 45 minute time block on the calendar.

Katelyn Harris Lange loves hearing the stories of people and organizations championing work that matters. As a Leadership Search Specialist at Y Scouts, Katelyn supports searches in the Finance, Accounting, Legal, Operations, Non-profit and Social Impact practices.

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