Election Day May Be Over, But Voting Is Not

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Now that election day is over, we can all go back to our normal lives sans campaign commercials, social media posts and knocks on our door encouraging us to go out and make our voices heard.

Nevertheless, election day isn’t over.

At Y Scouts, we believe businesses have an opportunity and an obligation to heal and cure the ills of the world. We believe business must do more than just generate monetary profit. Profit is more than dollars- it is how the stakeholders, community, and ultimately the world (or their corner of the world) is impacted. Through good work, a business can lift up society as a whole. It is their duty to recognize and act upon opportunities to affect change.

While the corporate responsibility movement has largely been led by the B-corporation community and associations like Conscious Capitalism, there are companies that are committed to social responsibility without a certification that have equal impact.

It is our responsibility as consumers, as customers, as partners in business, and as humans, to cast our vote to work with and support organizations that are committed to making our world a better place.

Consider this the next time you are signing a contract with a new vendor or simply grocery shopping. Are you casting your vote by engaging with a company that is committed to corporate social responsibility? Are you supporting happy, fulfilled employees? A sustainable supply chain? The environment?

Go out and make your voice heard! Research more about B-corps in your industry or region here! Additionally, here is a list of 12 B-corps that are leading their industries to help you make better-informed choices.

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Alexia Collins

Alexia Collins

Alexia is a Leadership Search Director at Y Scouts. Thoughtful human connection is what Alexia craves. Listening to people's stories fuels her with a passion to do more good in the world. Helping others succeed invigorates her.