Are All Your Hiring Processes Documented, Scalable and Repeatable?

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How to Elevate Your Internal Hiring Processes in 90 Days and Provide Valuable Feedback to Y Scouts

Is everyone in your company consistently following a clearly defined hiring process?

Is every leader you hire aligned to your company’s purpose and values?

Does your company leverage consistent interview guides when hiring new talent?

If your answer is not an emphatic YES to each of these, consider Y Scouts’ Hiring on Purpose Process Consulting. Our recently launched offering is already helping companies elevate their internal hiring processes through an initial 90-day engagement, providing hiring best practices and tactics and an online tool to support ongoing learning. We are offering a 10% discount to a select set of early adopters.

At Y Scouts, we believe learning crushes knowing. Our one single goal is to have you consistently hiring better than before we engaged. We will survey your team on the front-end and at the end of our time together. Here is what you can expect from The Y Scouts Hiring on Purpose Process Consulting experience:

“Since partnering with Y Scouts, we’re hiring leaders aligned to our brand like never before. It has been a total game changer for our business to shift from hiring team members based on their skill set to a values-based model. Our entire team is engaged and excited because the model has proven to be consistent, scalable and most all, successful.”
—Beth Blume, President at Up&Up

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