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Y Scouts is the healthcare executive search firm organizations trust when they need an inspired leader.

We are the gatekeepers to your patient care. The talent acquisition team at Y Scouts searches for and screens executive candidates and asks ourselves, “Can we picture this person caring for our family?” The answer to that question is just the starting point to our healthcare executive search solutions.

Led by Brian Mohr, who has helped place healthcare executives in meaningful roles for 10 years, the motivations of our clients are clearly understood. Brian and our team of recruiters understand the functions and dynamics surrounding the most critical healthcare organizations. Every executive candidate we present you with are people we would trust to care for our family.

Great organizations are built with one person at a time. Y Scouts specializes in recruiting healthcare executives for these types of organizations:

Types of Organizations:

  • Hospital Systems
  • Nonprofit
  • Specialty Physician Practices
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Companies
  • Long Term Care Assisted Living Companies
  • Home Health Companies
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Academic Health Sciences
  • Other Healthcare Organizations
Types of Healthcare Executive Search:

  • President and CEO
  • COO
  • CFO
  • CMO, CIO
  • Top Patient Care Executive
  • Top Nursing Services Executive
  • Top Managed Care Executive
  • Top Ambulatory Care Executive
  • Other critical Healthcare positions

We focus on healthcare executive search because of the strong relationships we have in the healthcare industry. By placing quality healthcare executives in leadership roles that align with their why, we believe we’re improving the quality of patient care.

If you’re looking for healthcare executive search firm, please call us at 480.374.7110 or fill out the form below. If you’re looking for healthcare executive jobs, please join the Y Scouts Leadership Community.


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