Is Y Scouts the Right Solution for You?2017-06-27T20:40:11+00:00

We believe aligning great leaders with organizations isn’t just about checking boxes around skill fit.

We’re passionate in our endeavor to understand our client’s culture, purpose and values and make sure the candidates we place with them are well aligned to that as well. We know that the ability to drive results, develop people and learn relentlessly is the ultimate trifecta in an exceptional leader.

We’re not willing to compromise on our systems or process just to get somewhere a little bit faster. Faster does not equal better, and we much prefer to do things the right way the first time.

We are a good fit for you if you want a partner that:

Puts a premium on transparency and communication

Uses a flat fee model—no hidden agenda or competing interests at play

Works relentlessly to improve and learn daily

Functions internally as a team, maximizing the experience that is brought to every project we touch

Approaches our business from a greater good with an expand-the-pie mindset

Feel alignment? Great, let’s talk about how we can partner to achieve your goals.