Specializing on Purpose: Practice Areas to Drive More People to Work that Matters

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This blog post will explore core practice areas to drive more people to work that matters.

During our first five years at Y Scouts, we intentionally stayed open to conducting executive searches in any industry and any function. As long as we were connecting people and organizations to work that matters, we were satisfied. Our discovery process was grounded in purpose and soft skills alignment to design roles for organizational success. Because of the intensive upfront discovery we did, we believed we could fill any role in any industry. 

This approach proved successful, as clients opted to work with us over traditional executive search firms. When a hiring manager committed to taking the time to learn and try this new way, they clearly saw the value and became long-term partners of Y Scouts. 

“Y Scouts will help us build out our team as we continue to grow.”

—Wayne Bell, LGE Design Build President

While during those years our strategy was to prove that hiring leaders based on purpose alignment trumped specializing, now we are evolving to do just that. We have strategically selected areas where there is a need for leadership impact to meet our clients’ high growth success outcomes.

Specifically, we now have the following eight core practice areas to drive more people to work that matters:

  • people and culture
  • revenue, brand, and marketing
  • operational leadership
  • finance and accounting
  • non-profit and social impact
  • product development and innovation
  • emerging leaders
  • visionary leaders
  • and other practice areas as we continue to grow

We believe specializing while retaining our commitment to purpose alignment best positions us to drive your organization into the future. Refocusing our teams to own a given practice area allows them to develop an expertise in the space and introduce purpose-aligned candidates to you faster.

“Our focus has always been hiring exceptional leaders. Today, we still believe hiring the best leaders at any level is the best way to drive impact on as many people as possible, and as many families as possible.”
—Max Hansen, Y Scouts CEO