‘Headhunter’ is a Horrible Term. Let’s Just Hire Better.

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Hunt heads? Is that how leaders really want to be found? One of the definitions of a head hunter is a member of a society that collects the heads of dead enemies as trophies. Maybe that is why it feels very cold and transactional when receiving that call where someone is reading from a standard list of scripted questions. Impersonal is how you would describe the experience. Leaders are wise and can pick up on your headhunting goal to place someone as quickly as possible. News Flash: Your quota does not matter to us! Have you ever hung up thinking, “They do not know me at all!”

Now some may think of Y Scouts as a headhunting firm, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Our entire existence is to fully understand the needs of our client, then find purposeful, performance-proven human beings that will lead to the best possible outcome. We look beyond the resume and thrive on making a human connection. Our hiring practices are proven, and in the spirit of connecting 10 million people to work that matters, we want everyone to hire better.

Here are 5 resources to help innovate your hiring practices:

  1. Hiring on Purpose: This groundbreaking guide will help you cut through the usual interview and resume BS.
  2. Read 3 valuable hiring tips in Why Hiring the Wrong Leader is Way Too Easy
  3. You don’t have to do it alone. Why a Seasoned Chief People Officer Still Believes in Partnering with a Purpose-Driven Leadership Search Firm
  4. Managing Hiring Process Speed to Land Your Dream Candidate
  5. Humanizing Hiring

Candi Luciano

Candi is a prominent voice for exceptional leadership and meaningful performance. Her Purpose Statement: Extracting Colors Outside the Palette to Paint Your Sistine Chapel. Candi’s approach is characterized by open communication, designing and inspiring strong team culture, and producing results that transcend the ordinary. A true entrepreneur, from owning her agency to in-house leadership, Candi has done it all. Leading teams of creative talent, people leaders, and operations to build and elevate brands as Infusionsoft, TravelClick and now Y Scouts. Candi loves people as much as she loves food and therefore is a constant dieter. Connect with Candi on LinkedIn.