How Executive Search Firms Can Deliver The Right Leaders

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This is a post from Y Scouts president and co-founder, Brian Mohr.

The traditional orientation of the search industry is, in many ways, still the orientation that exists today. Search firms will be organized by industry, a particular focus on an industry, they’ll be focused on a particular function, like a finance role or a sales role, or they’ll be focused in a particular geography and dominate a certain part of a state or of the country.

I think what matters most in executive search today is the humanity of the individual and how their leadership style, their core values and what kind of a mission that they want to be apart of, aligns to the organization. So if you’re  a company today and you need to add someone to your leadership team, of course you’re going to hire someone that has the skills to do the job, but to make the assumption that hiring a search firm that only specializes in that particular role in your particular industry, is a little short sided today and it’s not the only way to approach search.

The way we think about search is having the skills to do the job is minimum table stakes. No organization or company would ever hire someone who can’t do the job. To truly find a partner that’s going to help deliver the right leader, I think requires more than just the industry or the functional expertise. It requires a search firm that has philosophical alignment to the way you run your business to the culture that you’re trying to build, to the values of your organization and the type of individual that you want to bring in whose not only going to be able to deliver in the role, but somebody that’s going to be a contributor, someone that can strengthen the overall work experience, the work environment and the way the other members of your team are experiencing the work.

We happen to be big believers that if you take great care of your people, they will then in turn take great care of the customer or the clients that you serve. I guess in short, finding a search firm that really understands the power of a leader that not only can do the job and brings the skills and experience necessary to deliver the goods in the role, but somebody, that in addition to that, also has an authentic alignment to who it is you are as an organization, and the way you operate, the values you live by, the behaviors that guide the day-in-day-out expectations of the organization. How Search Firms Can Deliver The Right Leaders

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