How Leadership Indecision Erodes Trust

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We’re at the mid-point. Half the year is over.

As a leader of your company, you are likely feeling one of two ways:

1) Excited and proud of what your team has accomplished so far as you’re on pace for a great year.
2) Frustrated with your results, planning the uncomfortable re-forecast, and making commitments for a better second half.

If you’re the latter, you have decisions to make. And if you’re like many of the leaders we speak with, many of those decisions will have to do with the structure of your organization and the leadership gaps you’ve been experiencing. It’s something that comes up over and over again in executive meetings, quarterly planning sessions, and board discussions, but “it just never seems like the right time to engage in a leadership search.” There’s too much to do and it continues to be pushed down the list of priorities.

Here’s the thing: your team notices. When we as leaders see the needs of the business, make promises to find a leader that will “mentor, develop, and guide” the team, then continue to punt on pulling the trigger on finding him/her, it causes the team to question whether their leaders truly understand the pain they’re experiencing. They feel disconnected and because they don’t want to “bother” their executive, they begin to pull away. You’re still driving hard on your to-do list that keeps burying you, as the trust in leadership and the direction of the company begins to wane.

It’s never going to feel like the right time. Never.

However, if you want the chance to have your new leader in the role before the end of the year, now’s the time.

Bite the bullet. Make the decision today.


Christine Rogers

Crafting a perfect match between purpose driven organizations and passionate, capable individuals to lead them, is transformative. It not only impacts the individuals they serve, but has a rippling effect that touches families, communities, our economy.