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The client is the industry-leading designer of the best sourced home décor and personal use products anchored in current and future trends substantiated and presented in visually stunning ways that line up perfectly with each client’s specific direction.


The owners of an industry-leading finished goods supplier were ready to move toward more visionary and strategic roles, so they could focus on growing the business. They needed a new president, who had experience working for a small company that grew into a larger organization, and they needed a leader who aligned with their personal management style.


Recognizing the challenges they faced, the owners decided to partner with Y Scouts to find a complimentary leader. After conducting employee surveys and a needs analysis, the Y Scout team was able to create an ideal candidate profile based on purpose alignment and functional expertise. The filtering process began and eventually narrowed down the search to two potential candidates.


The chosen candidate and hired president has adapted to the business quickly, and he’s seamlessly transitioned into leading the company—which frees up the owners to focus on vision and strategy. As a result, they can concentrate on product development, continue to grow the business and are closer to their dream of overseeing a professionally-run company.

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Leadership Search

Now more than ever, top companies are recognizing that in order to succeed and thrive—
they must attract and retain the best talent in the marketplace. To be considered truly exceptional, people must be aligned to your organizations purpose and mission AND possess the skills and abilities to do the job. Most often, they aren’t actively looking for a new role. Getting them engaged and excited to make a switch takes relationships and expertise cultivated over time.

Y Scouts understands our clients and our candidates at a deep level and works to build to those relationships so the right introductions can be made, for today and tomorrow. We help our clients build the systems to support these transitions and create a legacy of lasting success. Our purpose and drive is around changing the expectations of leadership search.

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