Hiring on Purpose: Training Your Team to Hire The Y Scouts Way

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Is successful hiring a systemic problem in your organization? A CEO recently confided to us, “I can run every aspect of my business well, but I have not made progress in hiring.” Every CEO can sympathize with this sentiment. It’s hard. This blog post by Candi Luciano, Chief Experience Officer at Y Scouts, will explore the Y Scouts hiring on purpose process consulting. 

Our leadership search process uncovers the critical intentionality of hiring. Our upfront discovery includes a values deep dive before discussing the required professional competencies in any given role. By osmosis, our clients learn what we do and how we do it. And, we encourage this. “Our mission is to connect 10 million people to work that matters and the only way we will do this is by sharing our unique hiring approach with our clients,“ shares Daniel Cheetham, Y Scouts Search Director, and Technology Practice leader.

However, some clients want our help beyond a one-off executive placement. To meet this need, we developed our Y Scouts Hiring on Purpose Process Consulting offering.

We start with a Talent Strategy Index (TSI) survey to better understand our client’s culture around hiring. Then we facilitate two calls per month for three months to tackle the small changes we believe will make the biggest impact and share our end to end process. It’s rare that an organization needs to blow up their entire organizational structure and bring in an entirely new team. Often, small tweaks lead to massive positive transformation.

We believe a documented hiring process is so critical that without it, values and purpose don’t matter. After all, how can you hire purpose and values-aligned leaders if you don’t have a repeatable, consistent way to determine whether they are a fit?

One of the key things we’ve learned by listening to our client companies is that leaders often remove themselves from the hiring process. This is a mistake. Keeping your fingerprints on the hiring process shows your company how seriously you take it.

Our Y Scouts Hiring Process was born to help solve our client’s greatest pains while always considering what is the most sustainable for them long term. Instead of the default course of action (having leaders running around with hair on fire), we ask: What are your short- and long-term plans for growth? How are you continuing to evolve your hiring practices to meet this growth? And then we help them.

“Hiring has changed forever, so if you are hiring on the status quo, it is no longer cutting it.”

—Max Hansen, Y Scouts CEO

Our products are all designed to help uplevel hiring practices beyond just placing a leader or two. For individuals and teams to harness their maximum potential, is for them to be bought into the culture, feel good about how they are contributing, matched with strengths, good at their work and have an understanding of how it makes a difference to the people and organization. When these elements are missing, you get disengaged people just working for a paycheck.

Finding talent in this market is the tightest it has ever been. Hiring managers are dealing with more complexities than ever. The VUCA economy demands that leaders who want their companies to thrive hire the right people to tackle these complexities. Our Y Scouts Hiring Process shows you how to get there.

Candi Luciano, Chief Experience Officer at Y Scouts

Candi is a prominent voice for exceptional leadership and meaningful performance. Her approach is characterized by open communication, designing and inspiring strong team culture, and producing results that transcend the ordinary. From entrepreneurship owning her own agency, to in-house leadership, Candi has done it all. Leading teams of creative talent, people leaders, and operations to build and evolve brands as Infusionsoft, TravelClick and now Y Scouts. Candi is a foodie, and therefore a constant dieter.

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