November 8, 2017 Yscouts

Work-life Balance Is an Outdated Notion – Just Ask Hubspot

What if the tension between balancing work and life didn’t exist?

HubSpot, a leading developer of marketing and sales software, is aiming to do just that, and has even called work-life balance an outdated notion. Other companies have adopted this idea as well, as we’ve seen with the rise of more company initiatives that aim to make work as fulfilling and enjoyable as life outside of it.

Katie Burke, Chief People Officer at HubSpot, broke down why the company aims to integrate work and life and the ways they aim to do it. “The way we think about it at HubSpot is you should love your life and you should love your work. Hopefully you’re an interesting and amazing person in both areas of your life and you don’t feel this tension or need to choose between the two,” she said.

One of HubSpot’s core values is allowing employees to have autonomy. “We want people to build their work around their life, not the other way around. If you’re an avid triathlete and want to train in the mornings and come in a little later, HubSpot wants to give you the autonomy to do that. If you’re a working parent who’s really passionate about coaching your children’s sports team and you need to leave at 3 everyday to make that happen, that’s something we want to be a core part of our employee value proposition. I think at a lot of companies, they do kind of exception-based rules so you would have go to your manager and say can I do this? What would this look like? That sort of thing. At HubSpot, the overarching policy is use good judgement.”

HubSpot also implemented a company-wide initiative called Healthy at HubSpot which promotes physical, social and mental health among employees. HubSpot has an on-site gym, holds group fitness classes and even has a health coach for employees to get advice on sleep, eating and other habits they need help with. HubSpot also holds company-wide trainings on stress relief and wellness.

“Instead of divorcing life and work and making one miserable and the other wonderful and revitalizing is that, to your point on health programs,  we’re really making a vested interest to make recharging part of our employee value proposition. Tech has a huge burnout problem, I think it’s time we look in the mirror on that front and HubSpot really wants to be part of the solution there, verses part of the problem. Do we demand a lot of our employees? Without question. Do we invest a fair amount of time and energy in making sure that they can recharge, whatever that means to them? Absolutely.”

More companies are aiming to create a healthy and fulfilling work environment. The results are happy and productive employees that find joy in both work and their time outside of it.

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