August 11, 2016 Y Scouts

What Perseverance Means To The Y Scouts Team: Our Values


When the going gets tough… the tough get going. Staying the course no matter what is an important value to us at Y Scouts in the work we do. Here’s what perseverance means to our team.

Ken Butler, Leadership Search Director

perseveranceThat’s one that I am always working on in my life, because I see myself as someone who likes to change. I think that’s a really good thing, but sometimes I don’t stick to one thing long enough. Perseverance is one of the characteristics that I’m actively aware of pursuing. It’s something that I see as a virtue—as a man, as a father (it’s important for my kids to see), and for my wife to see that I don’t give up. I value perseverance so much because I recognize how much better I would be as a person if I have incredible grit.

At Y Scouts, if there’s a moment where it would be easy to just skip a step, perseverance reminds me that we’re going to do it right the whole way through, and I don’t need to rush. At the end of the day, we’ll be much happier and I’ll know I made the right decision—sticking to a structure that I helped create. That’s really important: actually building something that’s sustainable, translatable and teachable to others. In terms of recruiting, perseverance means being able to stick to what, in the moment, might feel boring or useless and saying there is value.

Nicole Spracale, Leadership Search Director

perseveranceNothing is fun if it’s easy, so perseverance is about grit and fight and tenacity and all the really cool stuff that makes it worthwhile. If there weren’t a hill, life would be pretty boring.

Jason Gabler, Leadership Consultant

perseveranceBeing able to stay the course when things are difficult is one of the most important things because it’s not a perfect world, by any means. No one really lives a perfect life, so being able to see the positives and the negatives—I think there’s really no such thing as failure, it’s just victory in disguise, because without failure, you can’t get to your next success. So it’s being able to recognize that and persevere through those difficult times when things seem like they’re not going right.

You look back on your life at some of the things that were tragic, or really difficult situations—you look back and that’s what shaped you into who you became, and added to a lot of the positive qualities you ended up getting. In the moment, it was terrible, whether it was someone passing or you losing a job or a relationship ending—whatever the case is—it can seem like the worst thing in the world. But then five, ten years later, when you look back, you realize that not only did you get through it, but that actually really built you up to gain all these great qualities that you didn’t have before.

Paul Eisenstein, Leadership Search Director

perseveranceYou’ve just got to keep going. You don’t lose until the day you don’t come in. It’s a testament to the fact that we’re still here, we’re trying to transform how people and companies connect to work that matters. We’re working in an industry that doesn’t really care about that—it’s just filling spots. Our entire model is completely different: Don’t fill a role just to fill it—it has to be the right person. We must be persistent in order to win.

Max Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO

perseveranceThey’re all so important, but perseverance for me is probably the most important out of all of them. Mainly because I look at what I’ve been able to do and how I have a lot more to accomplish. How I’ve been positioning myself to get to where I am has been effort and perseverance and my pushing through. It ties all the way back to how I played sports. It’s having the will to push through stuff.


Adam DiBiase, Research Manager

perseveranceI see it mostly with us when we’re working on behalf of our clients. We never quit. There are times when our work is not going as smoothly as we’d like it to be, and we’re not finding the right person as fast as we think we should, but we never walk away from a client. We work until it’s done, because we made them a promise. So we’re all going to keep pushing through and trying new things and doing whatever it takes.

Christie McPherson, Leadership Search Director

perseveranceThe majority of people, I think, have the initiative to start something. It’s easy, it’s exciting, it’s shiny and new. Most people don’t have the made-up word “finishiative.” They don’t have the initiative to finish it, because life happens. Struggles happen. You’re not good enough, you’re not educated, you don’t have enough capital. Perseverance, to me, is having the finishiative. No matter what happens from start to finish, that “finishiative” is the definition of how much perseverance you have. Because I’ve found in life that rarely do things go as planned, and without obstacle. I think learning the skill of perseverance—it’s not a natural behavior. It’s hard to stand back up. It’s hard to stand in the face of adversity and trials. But perseverance is the arrow shooting in the right direction and not letting anything jump in front of it until it hits the bullseye.

Rae Johnson, Accounting & Office Administration

perseveranceNever, never give up. Even with my exercise, once I started with research and everything I learned pointed to the idea that you can’t stop. If you stop, you start all the way at the bottom again. Why stop? Even if I do a little bit every day, I don’t ever give up.

Brian Mohr, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

perseveranceI’ve desired to do lots of things and learn new things. I’ll do it for a little bit, and then I give up. It’s too hard, or I don’t have time, or whatever. The guitar is one of those things that I’m not going to give up. I’m going to learn how to sufficiently play the guitar. Then, you watch somebody like John Mayer or Prince—you watch them play, and it looks effortless. It’s amazing how good they are, because it’s not easy.

Marc Ruter, Leadership Search Director

perseverancePerseverance is probably the one that resonates the most for me. It kind of goes with “learning crushes knowing,” perhaps. If you persevere, it’s how you learn. You have to always get past that initial hardship. I even tell my daughter that—she wants to go out and play tennis and wants to do well right away. I have to tell her it takes a long time to get good. So I think perseverance is the one that resonates the most with me because it’s probably the thing I do the most. I don’t give up.

How do you practice perseverance in your life? Let us know!

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