Culture is an outcome: How are you keeping a pulse on what matters?

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This post is from Candi Luciano, Chief Experience Officer at Y Scouts.

Many organizations have evolved to approach a unification of work and life – each supporting an employee’s happiness and satisfaction. Like those organizations, Y Scouts places a premium on what we do, why we do it and whom we do it with. Y Scouts is transforming the way the world hires executive and senior leaders. We’re also transforming our own internal team, working to elevate the Y Scouts employment experience.

We are leveling up our own talent, and recently committed to dedicated quarterly off-sites we call Grit: Grow Relentlessly and Inspire Teamwork. In these sessions, we not only learn skills but also share and learn with each other to become better human beings. Are you a people-first CEO, CPO, CFO or CMO with a perspective on what “Leaders of the Future” look like? We’d love to host you at our next “Breakfast with an Exec” storyteller segment. Email to be considered. Please also consider joining our Y Scouts Leadership Community.

We recently launched an intentional transformation to crank up the volume on our mission: to connect 10 million people to work that matters. To be successful in supporting our mission, it is important we look inside our own culture first. We know happier people inside Y Scouts better serve the people and lives we touch outside of our slate and yellow-orange walls: our clients, families, candidates, and leaders throughout the world.

Creative digital solutions have also powered new ways to take a pulse on what’s happening within our organizations. Last week, we were delighted to earn a TINYpulse Employee Happiness badge for our 8.6/10 score. Thank you, TINYpulse, for empowering a digital voice where our team can share ideas and open or anonymous feedback, give “Cheers for Peers” to each other, and learn ways to innovate and improve. This culture pulse has been valuable for our entire team – those onsite at Y Scouts HQ and those in remote offices We also hold have daily all-hands Swarms, weekly 1:1’s, and our Traction L10 meetings via video conference to bring the whole team together in real time every day.

We love reading these TINYpulse “Cheers for Peers”:

“Daniel- The work you put into the onboarding plan was absolutely amazing. Seeing it in action right now has been so fulfilling. I am so thankful for you and the hard work and the positive attitude you bring every day.”

“Only suggestion would be to always have one healthier food option.”

“Loved the diversity of including senior-level leaders and hearing stories. Also, loved the role-playing exercise and the connectivity of the interview to the write-up portion – good stuff!”

“Thank you for the apples and peanut butter. 🥜”

How are you keeping a pulse on your culture from the inside? We love to hear new ideas and learn from other leaders doing innovative things, so share with us on our social channels.

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