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  • Own Your Numbers

Own Your Numbers

At Y Scouts, how do we define and practice our core value: Own Your Numbers?

Alexia Collins

Alexia Collins, Leadership Search Specialist

We own our numbers by having the autonomy to be accountable for knowing what our goals are while being responsible for driving the actions to achieve them. We are honest when we are off-track by asking for what we need of others to reach our goals and help first by rising up to deliver when we are sought out to lend a hand.

Melissa Schonberger

Melissa Schonberger, Leadership Search Specialist

Thomas Edison said, “Vision without execution is delusion”. Here at Y Scouts, we have a big vision to connect 10 million people to work that matters and our value “Own Your Numbers” ensures we are setting the necessary goals and the execution plan to get there.

By having constant communication around daily and weekly goals within our teams and as a company, we are able to create a cadence for making our vision a reality. We have various avenues of metrics reporting and we believe in complete transparency in where and how every area of the organization contributes to these goals.

To own your numbers means to be accountable, to do what you say you will do and to hold yourself to a standard of excellence in daily activities with candidates and clients. On an individual level it requires self-awareness and discipline and on a company level it requires that we have clear expectations of each other. Our process is rigorous for a reason, we seek to align the most conscious industry leaders with the most purpose-driven organizations. Establishing this connection requires diligence, consistency and an extreme attention to detail. This value enables us to continue to drive toward our mission by executing on tactical activities with precision and confidence, with complete faith that every team member is doing their part to get us there.

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