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  • Learning Crushes Knowing

Learning Crushes Knowing

At Y Scouts, how do we define and practice our core value: Learning Crushes Knowing?

relentless learner

Max Hansen, Co-Founder & CEO

Relentless learning means always acquiring knowledge to become better as a person and in business. That’s one of the best things about Y Scouts—I feel like it’s making me a better person. When you’re a relentless learner, learning crushes knowing. Everybody hates a know-it-all. So when they see you’re continually open to new ideas, it just drives the right momentum. That’s how we got here—by continuing to learn about purpose in business and why people are unhappy. I want to continue to be better. I believe it’s the most important leadership trait. The best question that we ask in interviews is, “What have you learned about us or our industry since we met?” That will tell you everything about them, in my opinion.

relentless learner

Brian Mohr, Co-Founder

I was a late bloomer in that area. I just have now adopted the belief that—in business and otherwise—if you’re not constantly sinking your teeth into learning something that you’re just missing the richness that life has to offer. And a great case in point for me has been this recent desire to learn how to play guitar. It’s not helping me do my job better, but as a result of throwing myself fully into something… I just don’t want to live the rest of my life wanting to play really well and leaving it at “I wish I could.” I can, I just have to do it. So I’m throwing my effort behind it.

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