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Help First

At Y Scouts, how do we define and practice our core value: Help First?

Priscilla Caracitas, EA to the CEO and Operational Admin

At Y Scouts, one of our core values is “Help First” which I really identify with and put into practice everyday. The very essence of my role is to assist others with projects and to free up their time. What is important to remember is that we are all working for the same goal. Being proactive and not reactive, is an attitude I find absolutely crucial to have in any successful role. Whether you’re the janitor or the CEO, the value of “Help First” reminds us all that we are not machines but instead humans that sometimes do need some help. Offering help and helping out are important as a team to bring us closer together, to identify gaps in efficiency and to all around work more seamlessly.

I used to have a difficult time asking for help. I had a “do it all” mentality and thought that if I asked for help it meant that I was not good enough or efficient enough to handle the task at hand. What I learned from my senior peers is that everything that you do, can always be done better. Asking for help will sometimes teach you that their are better and more efficient ways of doing things. Talents should be shared and not hoarded, time is an invaluable asset, one that passes us by ever so quickly, and can never be replaced. The value of “Help First” teaches us to be mindful of time, need, and growth. So go on, “Help First”!

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