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Drive Results

At Y Scouts, how do we define and practice our core value: Drive Results?

Mary Margaret Skelly, Director of Operations

Driving results is how we fulfill our purpose and mission. We all want to feel productive and as if we are making a contribution. Setting measurable goals and driving to them allows us to see the fruit of our efforts. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture in the day to day grind. And, at highly conscious companies, it is possible to become too idealistic about the changes we want to see in the world. Here at Y Scouts, we have lofty goals around creating and championing workplaces that matter. But we know that the only way to get there is step by step, meeting by meeting, quarter by quarter. We create meaningful change one day at a time. Driving results in a measurable way helps us stay focused on the little things that make the biggest differences to our clients, our teams, and the working world at large.

Tasha Hock

Tasha Hock, Leadership Search Director

Driving Results is the fantastic intersection of all organizational values and is of critical importance for purpose and mission-driven organizations and businesses. It’s where the proverbial rubber and road meet. Without a focus on results, the purpose and mission that bring meaning to our work are at risk.

Open hearts, keen intellects, and inspired work ethics pave the path to driving results in all manner of ways. A few of the ways we can Drive Results are:

• setting goals and measuring progress against them
• taking responsibility in a positive entrepreneurial fashion
• giving and receiving constructive, actionable feedback with grace, and determination
• embracing challenge as opportunity
• and always focusing on the strategic priorities that will move the organization forward

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