Client Gratitude Makes a Huge Difference

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We have a unique front-end process within Y Scouts that includes extensive qualitative research from multiple stakeholders within the organizations we work with. It includes two surveys focused in on defining the culture of the company and the aspects and granular details that are essential to the role. Once we are able to receive all of this information, we have an in-depth conversation with our client on our findings and discuss our deliverables to ensure accuracy. It requires some vulnerability on the client side but the result always pays off.

Melissa SchonbergerA colleague and I had the pleasure of working with a rapidly growing organization looking to add a strategic CFO to their leadership team. This was a critical hire for the company and to both the President and Chairman personally.

From the very beginning of our interactions with them, they were very open and transparent in answering all of our questions and truly put their trust in us to find the right candidate. Their willingness to be completely communicative and give us open feedback the entire time enabled my partner and I to find the right candidate in 52 days.

While working on this search, the President would send emails with positive feedback about the efforts of my colleague and I to our CEO, which continued to motivate us through the duration of our time partnering with her. Once the search was completed, she relayed yet again positive feedback to our Director of Finance.

As a Leadership Search Director at Y Scouts, there is nothing more gratifying than turning a client into a raving fan by connecting them to the candidate who can take their business to the next level. While formalized feedback surveys are helpful and essential, informal yet genuine thank you’s will always be the most motivating for me personally.  

Melissa Schonberger is a Leadership Search Director at Y Scouts. In her role, she truly loves being able to surround herself with clients, candidates, and colleagues who are dedicated to elevating humanity through business. She finds meaning in helping others ponder and find their purpose through her conversations. Outside of work, Melissa is passionate about boxing and being a Big through Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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