Christine Rogers

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Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing truly inspiring leadership in action.  I’ve experienced this while tackling a myriad of different opportunities as I’ve done everything from managing an insurance office while finishing my degree at ASU (Go Devils!), to owning busy retail store in downtown Gilbert, to leading large inside sales organizations for a two great SaaS companies.  Throughout the years one thing has proven true: the health of any organization of any size is directly related to the strength of the leadership team.

Which is what led me to Y Scouts.  Crafting a perfect match between purpose driven organizations and passionate, capable individuals to lead them, is transformative.  It not only impacts the individuals they serve, but has a rippling effect that touches families, communities, our economy.

It is the silver bullet.  The game changer.  The secret sauce.

And I’m ecstatic to be a part of this movement.

A little more about Christine:

  • Proud “boy mom” to Logan and Kale
  • Small Business enthusiast
  • Passionate rescuer of smushy-faced Boxers for the past 18 years (Bruce is our current “foster failure”)
  • Can’t go longer than a week without buying a new pen
  • Morning coffee before the sun is my favorite time of day
  • Insatiable reader of anything but sci-fi
  • Closet Hallmark junkie