Candi Luciano

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I believe meaningful experiences happen BY DESIGN — by careful and intentionally created visuals and actions — not happenstance. And when a team deliberately makes this intentional design thinking a priority, magic happens.

As a former senior creative leader there, Infusionsoft’s purpose “to help small businesses succeed,” is an example of a purpose that I aligned with very closely. My experience owning a small business made it that much more meaningful to me.

My sweet spot is when together we’re intentionally designing our own meaning of opportunity. We build brands. We impact lives. We transform company performance and have fun doing it. Results-driven creativity is the best kind of challenging and I am in my element when I am designing and bringing my art to shared purpose. I thrive with believers—those with relentless perseverance to change the future and make great things happen together—for others and for each other.

Today, I could not be more grateful to serve Y Scouts and their next generation brand strategy. Why? Shared purpose, of course. But it is more than that for me as I am proof the work they do matters. As a creative leader of 25+ years and multiple brand success outcomes, I almost accepted a j-o-b. Instead, they gave me life. Everyday I am energized and blessed to utilize all my pieces of Candi to serve: Design – Leadership – Purpose – Connection – Culture – Brand – Innovation – Disruption.

Purpose is different for each of us. My dream is for millions of people to create, or connect to, a place of shared purpose empowering the best work of their lives. Go on, choose what matters to you!

A little more about Candi:

  • Entrepreneur and opportunity-seeker
  • Lover of chalkboards, espresso and live music
  • Crazy in love with my husband and our weekend walks to coffee shops
  • Godmother, daughter, sister and aunt
  • Advocate for girl entrepreneurs and small business success
  • Brand architect, designer and personal brand speaker
  • Leadership designer and mentor
  • Lover of traveling through the eyes of a local
  • Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day