January 3, 2017 Y Scouts

Y Scouts Featured In Forbes & Fortune

The New Year is upon us, and Y Scouts is all for celebrating — our very own Brian Mohr has recently been featured in Forbes as well as Fortune in two articles!

Take a look at some top tips for maximizing your LinkedIn profile, and read up on how Y Scouts expertly matches purpose-based leaders and companies.

Forbes: 4 Things Successful Leaders Need To Know About Their Own LinkedIn Profile

Let’s just call it evolution. Take a quick trip to the other side of town, the other side of the country, or even the other side of the world, and it quickly becomes evident that our lives have drastically evolved due to technology.  Gone are the days of walking into any old restaurant and hoping for the best meal. Today we ask our smart devices where we can find the best burritos.  Need a good Pilates class? We quickly check Yelp reviews.  And, instead of filing those business cards we collected in a drawer, we simply go back to the office to connect on LinkedIn. And, here lies the problem. Many of us, especially leaders who aren’t looking for a job, aren’t doing a very good job putting our best profile forward.

“Tacky photos, incomplete sentences, poor spelling or grammar, and a lack of effort placed on who you are and what you stand for vs. just focusing on what you’ve accomplished in your career, are a few turn-offs for our team,” says Brian Mohr, cofounder and managing director of executive search firmY Scouts, based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “LinkedIn reveals how people present themselves to the world of business.”

Mohr’s statements, as an executive recruiting professional, may not be all that surprising, until you consider the level of employee his firm is looking to recruit—the rock star leader who probably doesn’t have their next career move on their radar.

“People don’t clean up their resumes until they’re looking for new work,” adds Mohr. “But, the world has changed now. Companies aren’t recruiting people based on whether or not they need a job. They’re looking for the best people who align with their purpose.”

Read more tips for maximizing your LinkedIn potential here.

Fortune: The Difference Makers: Matching Purpose-Based Leaders and Companies

Around the turn of the 21st century, job boards like monster.com transformed job search by taking it online. Today, LinkedIn and other websites make it easier than ever for recruiters to find job candidates, and keyword search has automated much of what hiring managers do.

Yet Brian Mohr and Max Hansen  felt the technologies failed to recognize candidates’ increased appetite for work that lends a sense of meaning and purpose, and reflects their values. As a result, they built Y Scouts, a digital-centric recruiting platform that helps connect purpose-based leaders with like-minded companies. “We call this whole profession human resources, yet humanness is being removed almost every step of the way,” says Mohr. So in 2012, he and Hansen created this new category of executive search. “Profit is the outcome, not the goal,” says Mohr, now Y Scouts’ managing director. (Hansen is its CEO.) “But when you align people to something with a higher purpose, you end up creating a more profitable business.”

The Scottsdale, AZ-based firm — a Certified B Corporation — focuses greatly on a responsive digital platform that poses questions to candidates that help tease out their passions and values, such as, “If you could create your dream job right now, what would it be, and what kind of problems would you be solving?” These potential job candidates are initially not even told what company is hiring. Says Mohr: “We call it our covert search approach—the less we tell, the better!”

The concept has been successful, with Y Scouts doubling its growth every year since it launched. Its success has been predicated upon a number of technologies, including CRM software called Tracker. “Everything we do is in the cloud,” says Mohr.

As far as the future, Y Scouts is poised to scale its business with the launch of a data-based digital tool, developed with an organizational psychologist, that will allow it zero in even more effectively on purpose-based recruiting. “This new technology will create a diagnostic on a company’s DNA, and when we get that blueprint back, we’ll have candidates do a very similar DNA assessment,” says Mohr. “We believe it’s going to really accelerate the pace of uncovering what makes a company’s culture unique, and the flip side of how candidates align with it.”

Among those who appreciate this attitude is Lenovo, as a company championing “Difference Makers” who are making a positive difference in the world through technology. For Y Scouts, that means integrating new platforms that target Millennials every step of the way. “The world is changing. Millennials are starting to occupy a larger part of the workforce. Businesses must move quickly to recognize that if they don’t satisfy the head and the heart of their people, the best will go work somewhere else,” says Mohr.

Y Scouts is a leadership search firm that finds purpose-aligned and performance-proven leaders to help organizations achieve their missions faster. Ready to supercharge your leadership search and get the right person in your organization? Contact Y Scouts.