March 17, 2017 Yscouts

Thank You for 5 Years of Y Scouts!

Several years ago, Nationwide Insurance ran a TV commercial campaign centered on the tagline, “Life comes at you fast.” When I stop to think about where the last 44 (soon to be 45) years of my life went, the meaning of that phrase hits home in a big way.

More recently, the past 5 years came and went like a Nolan Ryan fastball (sorry for the baseball reference — I don’t even follow the game). I remember sitting down with Max Hansen when we decided to start Y Scouts, and performing a series of Google searches for search strings like, “purpose-based executive search,” and “purpose-driven recruiting.” If you haven’t heard the story, the results of these searches led us nowhere. Nothing came up… zip, zilch, nada. Keep in mind, this was early 2012 — not that long ago, but then again, a lot has happened in the purpose/values/culture space since then.

We almost stopped before we even started. Boy, am I glad we didn’t.

So, here we are. It’s been 5 years since launching Y Scouts, and we can’t think of a more appropriate way to celebrate than saying, “Thank You.” Thank you to:

  • Our families and loved ones for encouraging us to stay the course and follow our dreams

  • Our clients for trusting us with finding the right leaders you need to continue your impact

  • The candidates and leaders we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and connecting with our clients

  • Our friends for supporting us in our journey

  • Our partners and network of providers who help us stay ahead of the curve

  • The movement of purpose-based leaders and organizations who believe Purpose Drives Profit

  • The naysayers and nonbelievers for challenging us

  • Our podcast guests for sharing your stories

  • Our advisory board for sharing your wisdom

  • Brett and the team at Markitors for your help in spreading the Y Scouts message

  • Our Y Scouts alumni for allowing us to be a stop along your career journey

And, a very special thank you to our Y Scouts Team for digging in everyday and helping us transform how people and organizations connect to work that matters.

Here’s to the next 5 years!

With gratitude,
Max & Brian